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NutraGenesis Proprietary Ingredients Possess Outstanding Scientific Support

As our extensive list of clients are fully aware, at NutraGenesis it’s all about the science. Our proprietary ingredients are supported by outstanding scientific research that demonstrates their comprehensive health benefits and mechanisms of action. This includes in vitro, in vivo, and ex vivo pre-clinical studies as well as randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled human clinical trials. These types of trials are accepted by scientists as the “Gold Standard” for verifying an ingredient’s efficacy. Research supporting NutraGenesis ingredients is performed at leading research institutions including eminent universities, world-renowned research hospitals, contract research organizations, and third party labs. All studies are published in peer-reviewed scientific journals (publications are available upon request for review). In addition, NutraGenesis ingredients possess structure/function claims in today’s most marketable condition-specific areas.

The NutraGenesis Research & Development Team is headed by Bruce Abedon, PhD., Vice President of Scientific & Regulatory Affairs. Dr. Abedon is an expert in designing, analyzing, and supervising all aspects of research that will best support the marketing and sale of proprietary nutraceuticals in the NutraGenesis portfolio. In this way, NutraGenesis maintains its position as a market leader of science-backed, premium branded ingredients.