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Animal Nutrition

NutraGenesis offers a line of superior nutraceutical ingredients for animals that are backed by scientific research demonstrating their effectiveness and comprehensive safety profiles

Botanicals and mushrooms have been used for thousands of years to improve the health and wellness of companion animals. These uses have varied from providing resistance to stress and anxiety to enhancing immune function to helping support metabolic wellness in the areas of cardiovascular and whole body health, as well as other benefits. For example, Ashwagandha, a botanical that has a long history of use in Ayurvedic medicine also has been used in its native India to help support the health of dogs, cats, and horses.

NutraGenesis’ select, efficacious botanical and mushroom nutraceuticals can help contribute to the quality of our pets’ lives. Each ingredient is produced under the highest standards for quality control and quality assurance and is ideally positioned for inclusion in animal nutrition supplements. These ingredients include:

  • MaitakeGold 404®: Patented extract of Maitake mushroom fruit body that provides effective immune support.
  • Maitake MycoFusion®: Patented, immune health-modulating whole maitake mushroom mycelium powder combined with high antioxidant purple corn anthocyanins.
  • Shiitake MycoFusion®: Prized for its enhanced whole body health properties, this patented, antioxidant-rich ingredient combines whole shiitake mushroom mycelium powder with the anthocyanin-enriched benefits of purple corn.