NutraGenesis is a Vermont-based, industry-leading marketing and sales company with over a decade of experience branding, marketing and selling patented, clinically proven nutraceutical ingredients to the dietary supplement and functional food and beverage industries in North America as well as globally. Whereas many companies in the nutraceutical industry serve as either marketing consultants or sales distributors, NutraGenesis offers a comprehensive approach that combines both our highly regarded marketing services group and our veteran, in-house sales team into one seamless enterprise. NutraGenesis has had a long and successful track record developing, branding, and selling exceptional nutraceutical brands by forming strategic partnerships with global manufacturers, universities, biotech centers, patent-holders, and other inventors of nutraceutical technologies.

NutraGenesis consists of a dedicated, multidisciplinary team of marketing and sales professionals, scientists, graphic artists, and support staff with expertise and proven success in the commercialization of novel nutraceuticals. When we enter into an exclusive partnership agreement with an ingredient developer, we leverage our extensive experience and keen knowledge of the current business environment to create a select portfolio of novel marketing and sales tools that will maximize an ingredient’s sales success. These include: marketing collaterals (brochures and sell sheets, claims sheets, as well as tech sheets and scientific white papers), email marketing via Constant Contact, Internet-based marketing with Search Engine Optimization, corporate and product advertising, as well as public relations. In addition, our regulatory affairs department ensures that an ingredient is regulatorily compliant for sale under FDA law which includes obtaining structure/function claims that are substantiated by a FDA law firm.

At NutraGenesis, we are experts at marketing the science that supports our proprietary nutraceutical ingredients. Each of these ingredients is supported by scientific research including human clinical trials that demonstrate both efficacy and safety at the recommended dosage. When additional studies are needed, our science team’s extensive research experience and knowledge of multiple health areas enables us to advise ingredient suppliers on the types of studies and supportive research that are required to successfully market a nutraceutical in North America. Our science team also assists in the development of clinical trial protocols that are designed to produce scientific evidence of efficacy, safety, and bioavailability that best results in a successful marketing campaign.

NutraGenesis possesses an extremely successful sales model which includes an in-depth knowledge of relevant markets. What makes NutraGenesis so successful are the strong relationships and trust we have cultivated with our valued customers. Our in-house sales team utilizes one of the most extensive prospect and customer lists in the industry to reach out to leading dietary supplement and food and beverage marketers of finished products in all channels of distribution. These include: Multi-Level/Direct Sell, Food Drug & Mass, Traditional Natural Foods Stores, Mail Order/Internet/TV/Radio, and CAM (Complimentary & Alternative Medicine).

NutraGenesis is one of the industry’s leading providers of proprietary, branded ingredients. Give us a call or contact us by email to discuss how we can help you commercialize your novel nutraceutical ingredient.