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Let NutraGenesis Commercialize Your Novel Ingredient

Has your company developed a novel nutraceutical ingredient that you wish to successfully commercialize in the North American and global markets? We can help!

NutraGenesis is an industry leader that brands, markets and sells patented or patent-pending, clinically tested nutraceutical ingredients to the dietary supplement and functional food and beverage industries in North America and worldwide. We continually seek out new strategic partnerships with global manufacturers, universities, biotech centers, patent-holders, and other inventors of novel nutraceutical technologies in order to successfully commercialize the industry’s most advanced ingredients. NutraGenesis offers and pays for many of the following services and benefits to suppliers that we partner with including:

  • Exclusive marketing and sales representative for your company in the U.S. and globally
  • Nearly two decades of experience marketing and selling premium, regulatorily-compliant nutraceutical ingredients using a science-based approach
  • We pay our FDA law firm to obtain structure/function claims for your ingredient which describe the health benefits in a manner that is in accordance with U.S. law
  • Large prospect list and pre-qualified customer base of over 2500 companies including the biggest names in the dietary supplement, food, and beverage industries
  • Targeted sales campaigns conducted by a highly trained staff of professional Sales Account Executives
  • We pay for national advertising in industry trade journals and electronic media
  • We design and pay for targeted business-to-business marketing campaigns using
    brochures, sell sheets, and white papers created by an in-house
    team of writers and graphic artists
  • Exclusive trademark branding for your ingredient at our expense
  • Representation of your ingredient at industry-wide trade shows
  • Company websites featuring your novel ingredient
  • In-house logistics and support staff to streamline delivery
    of your product to customers

NutraGenesis consists of a dedicated, multidisciplinary team of marketing and sales professionals, research and technical staff led by a PhD scientist, graphic artists, and logistical support staff with expertise and proven success in the commercialization of novel nutraceuticals. To support the sale of these ingredients, we advertise in the industry’s leading Internet-based media and trade journals. Our veteran marketing team produces detailed sales tools and collaterals (brochures, sell sheets, tech sheets, scientific white papers, etc.) as well as product-related email marketing campaigns.

At NutraGenesis, we are experts at marketing the science that supports our nutraceutical ingredients. This includes pre-clinical research and human clinical trials that demonstrate efficacy, bioavailability, and tolerance at the recommended dosage, as well as mechanisms of action. With extensive, multi-disciplinary research experience, our science team is available to advise our ingredient supply partners on the types of additional studies that may be required to further support condition-specific structure/function claims that are essential to the successful marketing of a branded ingredient in today’s competitive marketplace.

All ingredients marketed by NutraGenesis are regulatorily compliant with U.S. law, including the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA), and possess either ODI (Old Dietary Ingredient) or NDI (New Dietary Ingredient) status. They feature structure/function claims in leading condition-specific health areas sought by dietary supplement companies. We work with several leading FDA law firms to ensure that these claims are in accordance with DSHEA and submit these claims to FDA in a 30-day pre-market notification letter. This regulatory preparation helps streamline the product development process for our customers, resulting in greater speed to market for their new products.

NutraGenesis possesses an extremely successful sales model that includes one of the most extensive prospect and customer lists in the industry. With in-depth knowledge of the dietary supplement and food and beverage markets, our in-house sales team cultivates strong and valued relationships with customers in all market segments including Multi-Level/Direct Selling, Food Drug & Mass, Traditional Natural Foods Stores, Complementary & Alternative Medicine, Mail Order/Internet/TV/Radio, and Animal Nutrition.

NutraGenesis has represented nutraceutical ingredient companies from all over the world for nearly two decades, acting as their exclusive North American marketing and sales arms to the dietary supplement industry. Whether selling one or several ingredients provided by these companies, we have consistently turned these products into North American and global success stories. We invite you to contact our supply partners to learn more about their experience working with NutraGenesis (references available upon request).

For more information about Nutragenesis, contact Peter McNeary, CEO at, Dr. Bruce Abedon, Vice President of Scientific & Regulatory Affairs, at, or call 802-257-5345 to discuss how we can help you commercialize your novel nutraceutical ingredient.