Enhance satiety and control stress-induced cravings with EssentraTrim® A.C

EssentraTrim® A.C is a proprietary nutraceutical complex of GRAS-affirmed ingredients with complementary mechanisms of action that helps take the stress and appetite issues out of healthy weight management. EssentraTrim® A.C contains EssentraTrim®, an all natural, multi-patented, standardized extract of Ashwagandha that is clinically proven to help inhibit stress induced appetite cravings as well as lower stress, anxiety, and cortisol levels. In addition to EssentraTrim® Ashwagandha extract, EssentraTrim® A.C contains a patented, isomalto-oligosaccharide fiber complex with prebiotic properties that helps enhance satiety and healthy digestive function.

Based on extensive scientific research including human clinical trials, EssentraTrim® A.C features potent, substantiated functional food claims in the areas of Weight Management, Stress Reduction, Reduced Fatigue, Healthy Digestive Function, Blood Sugar Balance, and More Restful Sleep.

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Numerous scientific studies have determined that stress and secretion of the powerful appetite-inducing hormone, cortisol, results in increased abdominal weight gain. In fact, many individuals are unsuccessful at losing weight because they become stressed when dieting, which results in cortisol-induced binge eating of high calorie, fat-laden comfort foods.

As a functional food and beverage ingredient EssentraTrim® A.C helps control stress induced appetite and overeating by lowering stress and cortisol levels in the body. In a double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial, subjects consuming the recommended dosage of
EssentraTrim® found in EssentraTrim® A.C experienced a 69.9% reduction in their level of perceived stress and a 24.2% reduction in serum cortisol levels. The patented isomalto-oligosaccharide  fiber complex in EssentraTrim® A.C is a good source of fiber which helps enhance satiety. This fiber complex also has prebiotic properties to help support healthy digestive function without the intestinal discomfort typical of most prebiotic fibers.

EssentraTrim® A.C's substantiated functional food claims are accordance with the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. Some examples of the many claims EssentraTrim® A.C features include:

  • Helps control stress-induced carb cravings
  • Helps inhibit stress-induced overeating
  • A good source of dietary fiber which helps provide a feeling of fullness
  • Helps control stress-related weight gain
  • Helps increase resistance to stress, fatigue, tension, and irritability
  • Helps support healthy digestion
  • Supports a beneficial prebiotic effect

EssentraTrim® A.C is an all natural proprietary blend with GRAS-affirmed ingredients. It may be utilized in a wide array of product applications and is the perfect weight loss powerhouse for your new or reformulated weight management product. In addition, EssentraTrim® A.C is backed with a turn-key product support program including regulatory expertise, as well as application and formulation services.



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